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School Of Fun is an initiative to bridge the gap between physical and digital space of education world - a global initiative to make education accessible to every part of the world, which stays untouched by the digital revolution we have in the privileged patches of the globe. 

"Wf1 in collaboration with School Of Fun, featured the stories of these girls across the world "


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On the occasion of Navratri, an Indian festival celebrating nine forms of women superpower, School Of Fun decided to adapt the occasion into a nine day mentorship program by a Google Engineer and Educator, Sourabh Soni.

The mentorship program that lasted for over nine days, dated March 18th, 2018 to March 26th, 2018 was hosted as a Hangouts Classroom Program. Joined by seven young ladies of different nationalities, the course included an introductory class to programming, mentoring on diverse career choices with respect to computer education and of course, experiences of working at Google.

To begin with, it was a pilot programme, a trial to see how digital education goes on a relatively new platform targeted towards connecting the unconnected. The registration form for the event was unlike any other. It didn’t demand to have a strong academic portfolio. It didn’t demand to judge anyone on the basis of their past performances or future projects. The programme simply believed in the will power and determination of the applicant. Of course, limited seats meant we had to cut on some of the most promising applications and there had to be some benchmark, or criterion to select the ones to be pursuing this mentorship programme. And there, we had a system in place. Our application portal was a simple two slot questionnaire – one was meant for a basic name and contact details in case we select the applicant and another specifically asked them, ‘What was their little story on the earth so far?’

For a pilot programme which was executed in two days since the conception of its idea, we had received unbelievably high number of applications telling us incredible stories of amazing women from at least half the circumference of the globe. Sourabh, the mentor, did have a tough time selecting the primary seven ladies from the heap of extraordinary applications.

The classes had been an experience – it’s not everyday when you come together with ladies from a different cultural background. Although the Internet is a powerful tool, but it does take effort and time to establish meaningful connections with someone sitting half a world far from you. Not to mention, the coordination between different time zones are itself a task to master. But, universe did come together to conspire. The universe was binded daily for an hour on a coordinated time for four different time zones across the world and the ladies had been amazing at coordinating the timings.

“When the classes started, we admit that it appeared to be a scrambled piece of egg – things weren’t as smooth in the first class, coordination and flexibility was a problem – but the intention – it actually was the greatest motivator of all!”
The minute everyone signed into their Hangouts and came on board with the classes, there was a sense of comfort in building a potential team which could take the world by storm – not as a super power, but in a sense of their own being. The introductions reflected on the diversity we had and there, it wasn’t just a socio-cultural phenomena, it was their capabilities to fit in a different role for the team we wanted to build.

The classes were focused on teaching a basic game, something the girls could create as their own. And it flew so flawlessly from one day to another, the classes would mostly span for an hour and those nine days had have a new sun everyday. And wasn’t it?

There was something to learn everyday, there were so many ideas everyday and the stories behind them, the learning process and of all the above, the best part had been a formation of team that had an ambition of its own – to build a game, however basic it may sound, but a game which could reflect each of our stories. And this began the most thrilling part of this program.

Team had been built, roles were decided, agendas were set – the team was on the play. A few of the girls set their hands on graphics illustration, some became the coders and some had been the creative part of the team making sure what worked the best for their ideas.
School Of Fun is now happy to announce the launch of the game in the first week of July at The name NavWarriors has been inspired by the Indian Festival NavRatri celebrating the women power and of course, the spirit of these girls who have fought their way to a stronger self in their very own struggle which lay undiscovered so far.

Their stories are out now on Wf1 – some personal struggles, some stories of change, some stories of powerful ideas – it’s actually their bit to make this world a better place with their own big struggle in every little way possible. It’s messy, it’s subtle, it’s empowering, it’s weak, it’s happy, it’s sad, it’s amazing, it’s empathetic, it’s everything that the mankind stands for and this messy brilliance that these girls carry is a sign of its powerful impact.

NavWarriors : Fire Across the Globe

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