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Jannie Affeld 
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Jannie currently heads the Corporate Finance Systems Engineering at Alphabet Inc. and has over two decades of experience in global financial system. Her strong advocacy for local school liaisons with technology giants has helped introduction of Machine Learning in two local high schools, which she plans to expand on a global scale in coming years. Her passion for shaping CS Education amongst young teens brings her on board at School Of Fun and we're more than glad to implement her educationary vision on our platform.


Sourabh Soni 
Founder and Educator

A passionate educator since his undergrad days, he has been the think-tank behind School of Fun. A Google Software Developer by day, one can always find him taking free programming classes at Bay Area Public Library, Sunnyvale in his spare time where his students find him more than helpful. He has been actively involved in mentoring over thousands of tech enthusiasts for the last fourteen years and plays an active role in shaping this organisation aimed at improvising the education scenario for underprivileged all over the world. 


Capt. Nihir Soni 

An Indian Army officer pledged to serve his nation, Capt. Nihir doesn't really limit himself to the extreme conditions at Siachen and Leh. He knows that a nation can be protected with arms but can best be served with education and has decided to be a core founder at this educative platform. School of Fun is excited to share the flavor of adventure and peace that he brings with himself on board.


Ananya Soni

Ananya Soni is a marketing professional working for Michael Kors. Focused on creative and extra curricular field for School Of Fun and working towards it’s success, She teaches people to dance and help people to enjoy every moment of their lives when they are not working or studying. 


Sonam Bala 
Creative Head

A Delhi University dropout and a teacher for two underprivileged working teenagers, Bala has been intimately involved with educative scenario in her surroundings. Apart from mentoring fellow former classmates on stress management, she aspires to create a wave of curiosity and learning enthusiasm among the much ostracised community of failures in a conventional education system. School Of Fun is happy to have her creative inputs in order to establish it as an innovative learning platform.

Dipika Gupta 
Public Relations Head

An IT professional based at Silicon Valley of India, Dipika is fierce and best at whatever she sets her mind to. She's been a great help when it comes to establishing the much needed communication both inside and outside the boundaries of School Of Fun. 

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