School Of Fun

Imagine a world where education is free and accessible to all. Imagine a world where education is not limited to your physical or digital surroundings - instead, every digital aspect you wish to interact with is physically accessible. Imagine a world where education isn't limited to textbooks, but is equally inspirational and application based on real time challenges. Imagine education in a new realm, transcending the old conventional school bag. 

School Of Fun is an initiative to bridge this gap between physical and digital space of education world - a global initiative to make education accessible to every part of the world, which stays untouched by the digital revolution we have in the privileged patches of the globe. 

Founded by Jannie Affeld, Corporate Finance Systems Engineering at Alphabet Inc. and Sourabh Soni, Application Engineer and Programming Educator at Google, the venture aims to be a platform which can have an one on one digital lecture classrooms offering mentorship programmes by leading experts directly to the inhabitants of remote areas as well as someone in the comfort of a privileged home. 

The vision of this fun educative initiative also features a School Of Fun Educative Caravan which can travel to remote areas yet devoid of easily accessible internet connectivity. This caravan shall be the home to world-class classroom facilities including high speed internet accessibility, along with a physical classroom with a library - both digital and paperback - and a regular conference connection to an impactful mentor, thus inspiring a remote village with the powerful words of anyone who wants to be associated with this mentorship programme and transform the areas reached by School Of Fun Educative Caravan. Think of it as a little happy bus carrying the golden flags of inspirational educative and mentorship journey across fields unreached.


School Of Fun doesn't aim to be a monopoly, restricted to a single zone and limited to the original executive team, created by it's founders. The organisation hopes to adapt to any part of the globe; be available to anyone who wishes to invest themselves for the cause. The initiative yearns to be customizable, adapting to any local culture and language for an easy yet flexible educative experience. For instance, India shall have its own School Of Fun Educative Caravan named as Masti Ki Paathshala which directly translates to School Of Fun. This can be launched in any nation with a fraternity name associated with School Of Fun in their official language with their very own versions of culture and educative process. The global journey of this visionary endeavour shall be tied with the same elite standard of education across the globe.

The first milestone in the journey of this ambitious venture has been a quickly organised mentorship programme, Nav-a-thon - a nine day event for seven young ladies, mentored by Sourabh himself. The ladies came together to build a game symbolising their very own struggles . School Of Fun is proud to announce the digital game, NavWarriors designed by these young ladies of different nationalities, now available to play on starting the second week of July. Welcome aboard the sensational journey of this unique educative venture. Welcome to School Of Fun. 

School Of Fun