Vision And Mission

School Of Fun recognises the impact of CS Education and is aware of its power to bring the world together for a better future. Unfortunately, this valuable knowledge is limited to only a few at prestigious institutions and to the privileged parts of the world only.

School Of Fun is an initiative to bridge this gap between the computer knowledge and those who cannot access it due to their limiting circumstances. We plan to develop this digital learning platform as a go-to classroom for every curious student out there who is unaware of his/her potential and the power of technical education. Our current classrooms are an one on one interactive portal, but we plan to keep innovating it as and when the need surfaces to benefit the students across the globe with the best of what we can have.

Our dream is to light every corner up which is till now immersed in darkness and untouched by the power of technical education and mentorship programes. It's a pleasure to have you on board as our community member in this noble mission.

Happy learning!

School Of Fun